...a community of other practitioners with whom you could share the delights and difficulties of your work with clients?

This document was last modified on February 16 2010
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...a practitioner community devoted to sustaining the values and commitment to ethical practice that you value, along with keeping them open to challenge from peers
...a form of practitioner accountability based on face-to-face relationship rather than rules
...a community of practitioners that honours, alongside counselling and psychotherapy, the diversity of educators, human potential work, growth work and allied practitioners.
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Founded in 1995, the Independent Practitioners Network is a tried and tested national network of practitioners of equal status and in linked peer groups rather than a hierarchical organisation.

We welcome practitioners who feel a need for a form of civic accountability* sustained and co-created with peers in ways that matches your ethical commitment to client welfare. more

*'Civic accountability' can affirm practitioner/client responsibility more accurately than 'regulation'

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