IPN User’s Guide an introduction to IPN as an organisation.

IPN Principles and Procedures, a collection of the agreements that IPN has accumulated through custom and practice (updated June 2011).

Downloadable and/or printable versions of forms that will enable you to become an IPN participant:
Initial Contact Form (individual)
Initial Contact Form (group)

IPN Leaflet a printable .pdf version of the current IPN leaflet (requires Acrobat reader).

IPN Briefing Document a text featured in a special IPN issue of the Association of Humanistic Psychology Journal, Autumn 2005.

Ethical Statements
Western Valleys Group

Three accounts of the IPN experience
Richard House
John Talbut 

Denis Postle

Other resources
eIpnosis (Internet) a web journal for the Independent Practitioners Network – edited and maintained by Denis Postle. ipnosis holds a space for non-mainstream psychopractice voices.