Is IPN is right for me?

We’ve tried to put on the IPN web site everything that can be written about involvement in IPN and its culture, if, after you have explored this material you want to talk with somone about it, call the nearest contact person. Along with that we recommend coming to one of the IPN national Gatherings. Usually held over a weekend, they are inexpensive and great for finding your way into IPN, details here.

I like the sound of all this, tell me more about IPN-style practitioner civic accountability

Full involvement with IPN is a five step process:

  1. everyone in IPN is a ‘participant’, you can become one by completing the initial contact form and mailing it with the fee to the IPN database keeper.
    Although only a group can become a member of IPN, anyone who attends a meeting is a participant, and all participants are on an equal footing. 

  2. as a ‘participant’, join a forming or established IPN group, the basic unit of the Network, or to start or convert an existing group into an IPN group.
    At the moment some groups are full members, and many others are in a process of formation. You may already be in a potential group; or if you want to form or join one, you may find useful the lists we provide of interested individuals and groups open to new members.

  3. with your group, do whatever it takes to be able to ‘stand by’ all its members as practitioners.
    This process often takes the form of self and peer assessment, support and challenge.

  4. develop with the group, and circulate to the whole network, a statement of your group’s ethical commitment.

  5. find two other groups who are prepared to get to know your group well enough to be able to validate your ‘standing by’ process. When this is in place you will be part of a ‘full-member IPN group’.